MV Tax

Any person who owns or any person in whose possession any motor vehicle is found is liable to pay the taxes against that vehicle as per rates detailed in the Acts.

The types of taxes are:

  1. Tax;
  2. Additional Tax;
  3. One Time Tax (payable against all private LMVs up to the age of 10 years):
  4. Life Time Tax (payable by all 2 wheelers registered after 24/11/1991);
  5. Special Tax (payable for any vehicle fitted with air conditioner);
  6. Dealer Tax (payable by the dealer only once at the time of first registration);

Where to Pay

You have to pay your taxes at the office where your vehicle stands registered. In cases of vehicles registered outside this state and coming to this state for a temporary period then the taxes to be paid at the border or at the first available RTO office.

Rates Of Penalty
Sl. Description Amount
1. for the delay up to 15 days after the expiry   NIL
2. for the delay from 16th to 45th day after the expiry  25% of the tax payable
3. for the delay from 46th to 75th day after the expiry   50% of the tax payable
4. for the delay for more than 75 days after the expiry   100% of the tax payable.

Modes of Payment of Taxes – Either in cash or draft only.

Taxing Officer Appellate Authority – The Taxing Officers are the officers up to the rank of ARTO in the districts and the AD(Tax) for PVD, Kolkata. The appellate authorities are the Divisional Commissioners for the districts and the Director for PVD.