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The Government of West Bengal recognizes the grim situation of Road Accident in the State.


The Honourable Chief Minister have taken this matter seriously and initiated a campaign across the state named as “Safe Drive, Save Life” to curb accidents and road fatalities and the campaign was launched in a workshop on 8th of July, 2016 from Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata and fairly represented by the officials and law enforcing agencies of the State Government and Local Self Governments.


Mamata Banerjee Traffic Campaign at Nazrul Mancha


During the workshop, several initiatives in terms of awareness for road users were highlighted and road safety videos, slogans, jingles were played. Following through the workshop and address by Honourable Chief Minister and Honourable Minister-in-Charge, the key takeaways are as below:


  1. No Helmet, No Petrol” – Petrol Pump Dealers not to sell petrol to the two-wheeler passengers not wearing helmets.
  2. No Two-wheeler to ply on two main flyovers after 10:00 in the night.
  3. The State Government to formulate a comprehensive Bill for State Road Safety Act for the state.
  4. “Safe Drive, Save Live” campaign to be carried out across the State as a movement. This should be made compulsory in the syllabus in schools.
  5. Sports Department to organize “Walk for Road Safety” from August, 2016
  6. Road Safety Programme to be undertaken in each district & sub-division.
  7. Folk songs on Road Safety campaign on NHs& SHs to be organized by the Information & Cultural Affairs Department
  8. Theme song on Road Safety prepared to be played in all events and programmes organized by State Govt.
  9. Film on Road Safety prepared by the State to be filmed at all theatres across the State
  10. Organized actions to be undertaken to prevent overloading of goods vehicles
  11. Competitions encouraged across all blocks to prevent road accident. Best performing blocks shall be awarded and under-performing blocks shall be reprimanded.