Construction / Renovation of Jetties

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Construction Renovation of Jetties

Annual action plan for infrastructure development on Inland Waterways   

(Jetty : Renovation/New construction)  A/c year 2016-17


  • Budge Budge jetty, Project cost Rs.186.77 lacs
  • Shibpur jetty, Project cost Rs. 180.00 lacs
  • Sovabazar jetty renovation, committed fund Rs. 49.89796 lacs
  • Bagbazar jetty renovation, committed fund Rs. 6.71226 lacs
  • Armenian jetty Armenian jetty renovation, committed fund Rs. 5.67197 lacs
  • Chandpal-I jetty renovation, committed fund Rs. 53.10333 lacs
  • Nabadwip jetty, committed fund Rs. 80.83345 lacs
  • Kalna jetty, committed fund Rs. 29.96345 lacs
  • Nrisinghapur jetty, committed fund Rs. 56.41597 lacs
  • Boga & Rasulpur jetty, committed fund Rs. 410.93503 lacs
  • New jetties in North 24 PGs, committed fund Rs. 114.27517 lacs
  • New jetties in South 24 PGs, committed fund Rs. 179.0 lacs
Construction of Jetties/Vessels & Renovation of Existing Jetties (on-going)
Zila Parisad
Development of Ferry Service along the waterways between 2011 & 2016