Past, Present and Future

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Transport Department deals with wide spectrum of public services such as issuance of driving licenses, registration of vehicles, issuance of permits, operation of public transport services, development of transport infrastructure and promotion of private sector investment in transport sector. The department aims to provide an efficient, transparent and smart transport system for the state. With these overall objectives and vision, the department has taken up the following works –

Transport Department


Vision is to provide a high quality environment friendly and efficient multimodal transport system ensuring safety of commuters at an affordable cost, on a large scale basis through out the State of West Bengal.


  • To build up Integrated urban/rural transport system throughout the State.
  • To promote Transit Oriented Development.
  • To integrate Multimodal Transport system with introduction of carriers and sub carriers.
  • To promote Green and Low Carbon Transport System.
  • Strengthening of e-governance in Transport Systems.
  • Road Safety.
  • Promotion of Self Employment Schemes in Transport Sector.
  • Promotion of Inland Water Transport System.
  • Promotion of Air Transport System.