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From City to the State: Opportunities Galore
Kolkata is a unique city, boasting of multiple modes of public transport, stretching across buses, trams, metros and ferries. All of this is available at very reasonable fares, thus making the system very accessible. Commuters, despite having various types of private vehicles, prefer the public transport utilities. With the next generation of technology looming on the horizon, City’s Public Transport Services provide a wonderful avenue for private investment.


Infrastructure development has been the key area of focus for the Transport Department. With both road and passenger carriers competing with variety of vehicle formats, a smooth and disciplined mechanism of transportation is required. Such a scenario is ideal for extensive participation of private sector whether through PPPs or other channels. Sharing of ideas, resources and responsibilities have a potential to bring our services in line with the developmental needs of the city and as well as that of the state.


The Department’s Vision is to make significant enhancement in the efficiency, flow, carrying capacity as well as safety standards in the Public Transport System and in the Transportation system in general; while increasing use of green and resilient infrastructure and low-carbon operational alternatives.

Our Mission is to develop an accessible, environment friendly and affordable transport system over the next fifteen years. This envisages mass transport/multimodal transport hubs including last mile connectivity supported by high-density residential and mixed-use development along corridors and activity nodes/centers. Well integrated transit and land development will reduce the need for travel by private motorized modes.
Key Focus areas for Private Investment in Transport:

  • Integrated urban/rural transport planning
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Multimodal Transport planning with introduction of carriers and sub earners
  • Low Carbon Public Transport
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Green Infrastructure

Recent Initiatives and Policy Measures:

  • Improving public transport services in the slate by increasing operational efficiency of Stale Transport Undertakings and encouraging private sector participation
  • Development of Water Transport Facilities including management of jetties and routes
  • Development of Air Transport Facilities in the slate by promoting regional connectivity along with the development of regional airports/helipads
  • Development of transport infrastructure by constructing bus terminals, truck terminals, freight terminals, flyovers, construction of jetties and introduction of modern transport equipments i.e. Vessels, RO-ROs, Catamarans, Water Taxis, modern urban buses including AC Fleet etc.
  • Reducing road accidents by promoting Safe Drive Save Life campaign and coordinate with all departments Lo reduce road accidents
  • Encouraging private sector participation in development of transport infrastructure.
  • Optimal utilization of surplus assets including land assets for monetization
  • Giving lateral assistance to important transport projects to Railway including Metro Railways and encouraging innovative transport solutions in the metropolitan areas of the state.

Existing and upcoming opportunities:
List of project available for investments.


  • Setting up of Transport Hubs/Truck terminus in West Bengal.
  • Commissioning and modernization of check posts on major State highways.
  • Modernization of bus stands/terminuses in all the Sub-divisional HQs in the State.
  • Intensification of Road transport network throughout the State by induction of new inter-city road and water transport corridors connecting districts HQs with the Block HQs along with last-mile connectivity at villages.
  • Transports facilities in all the newly opened routes in the districts through liberalized process of issue of permit to the private operators.
  • Introduction of green energy initiatives in districts.
  • Equipping all the important traffic intersection points with modern traffic furniture/ equipment/ signals etc. in district HQs.
  • Development & modernization of all the major ferry ghats catering to more than 2500 passengers per day
  • Introduction of Barge/ pontoon/RO-RO vessels for facilitating goods transport in Sundarban and other areas
  • Intensification of Cross ferry service and long distance ferry service through induction of high speed / larger capacity ferries across river Hooghly.
  • Introduction of Luxury cruise vessels to connect places of tourism along the course of river Hooghly 
  • Rejuvenation of defunct airports / airfields in the Stale.
  • Establishment of air connectivity with other important locations of the State.
  • Introduction of CNG operated passenger transport vehicles in District towns.

State has already received investments from:

  • Calcutta Goods Transport Association (CGTA)
  • Vivada Corporation (Inland Waterways & Cruises)
  • Calcutta Mumbai Truck Terminus Ltd.
  • Volvo India Private Ltd.
  • West Bengal Shew Prasad Infrastructure LTD(WBSPIL) a joint venture Company with WBTIDCL & Shew Prasad Infrastructure Ltd.
  • Kinetic Honda LTD.
  • Burn Standard Company Limited (BSCL)

Contact Details of the Department:
Joint Secretary, Transport Department
Phone: (9836164478) (033-2262-5411)

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