Public Vehicles Department (PVD)
Kolkata is one of the oldest and most densely populated cities not only in the entire country but perhaps also in the entire world. Being one of the four major metropolis in the country, Kolkata has evolved to the present days since 1690. It has been the capital of India during British Rule till 19n. The Transport and related issues of the Kolkata metropolis are thus multi- dimensional. The fact that available road space is limited in Kolkata, compared to other cities in India and abroad, makes it more challenging.


The Public Vehicles Department(PVD) situated at 38, Beltala Road, Kolkata-700020 is essentially the Regional Transport Authority for Kolkata. PVD is the oldest of all Motor Vehicle related offices in the State and also one of the oldest, if not the oldest of such offices in the Country. The office started during the British rule in the days of non-motorized vehicles like the Hackney carriages etc. After Independence, the Transport used to be looked after by the Home Department. Registration of Motor Vehicles and related works started at PVD around 1940 after introduction of the first central MV Act i.e The Motor Vehicles Act, 1939. Around 1962, the Home (Transport) Department was created. From then a Civil Services officer heads the PVD. Transport Department was created later in the early Eighties. The PVD office is housed in the Heritage Buildings and maintained as such.


From the early days the PVD has gone a series of evolution. Presently time bound and quality services e.g (a) Registration of Motor Vehicles and related functions . (b) Driving Licenses and related functions. (c) Fitness of Motor Vehicles and related functions. (d) Permit and related functions. (e) Motor Vehicle Taxes and related functions . (£)Miscellaneous other MV related services are administered to the citizens from the PVD in a decentralized and more people friendly manner . The Motto is to offer SMART and QUALITY services.


Decentralized PVD unit offices
1. PVD, Beltala:
Phone Number : 033-2475-1621 / 1623,
Toll Free Number 18003455192
Fax Number : 033-2486-0222
Email ID :

2. PVD, Kasba : Phone Number : 033-2442-0088
Email ID :

3. PVD, Salt Lake:
Fax Number : 033-2442-0077
Phone Number : 033-2367-6722/6733
Email ID :

4. PVD, Behala : Under Construction and up-coming



Some Unique feats of PVD:


  • It is the FIRST office in the Country to use Computers for public services (since 1990 onward) related to Motor Vehicles.


  • PVD was the FIRST to introduce Vahan and Sarathi Software in the State in 2004. Smart Card based Registration Certificate and Driving License was also FIRST introduced at PVD then.


  • E-Vahan Software has also been introduce FIRST at PVD, Kasha with effect from 28-09-2016.
    PVD is the HIGHEST Revenue earner in the MV sector in the State.


  • For citizen-centric services, a Help Desk & Public Address System are maintained and all employees are provided with displayed Identity Cards.


  • FIRST implementation of High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) in the State.
    Daily Revenue collection deposited through GRIPS.


  • FIRST to introduce online test for Learners’ Driving License.


  • At Behala, besides the fourth PVD unit office, modern facilities of Computerized Inspection Center ( I C & C) for Computerized testing of vehicles and Regional Driving Testing Centre (RDTC) shall come up.