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Flying Training Institute (FTI) – Behala
The Flying Training Institute (FTI) at Behala was setup earlier by Government of West Bengal for imparting training for the pilot and crew members for air services.


Earlier a State Government owned helicopter was operated for a long time for official use of the State Government keeping the FTI at Behala as base station. 


Of late, the Transport Department in Government of West Bengal entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pawan Hans Ltd. (PHL), a Govt. of India Enterprise, for providing helicopter services in the State.  Consequently, the PHL has provided one twin engine helicopter at FTI, Behala.  This helicopter is presently being used for movement of VVIPs. Besides, weekly helicopter services are presently being provided in several routes viz. Kolkata to Gangasagar, Malda, Balurghat, Digha etc. at subsidized rate for the common people.