TP & TE Directorate

Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Directorate


This Directorate is the vital wing of the department in giving shape to different ideas to tackle various areas of Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering.  To be more specific the objectives and areas of work of this Directorate can be enumerated as:


  • To provide technical assistance to various organisations / agencies / authorities / other Government departments on behalf of the Transport Department.


  • To undertake research projects sponsored by various organisations like the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India/CSIR/Planning Commission/Ministry of Transport, Government of India/State Planning Board etc.


  • To organise training programme for Traffic Management and Regulation Authorities, Transit Operators, Highway Engineers, Improvement Trusts, Development Authorities etc.




The works which are carried out direct on behalf of the Transport Department are:


  • Traffic Engineering Planning /Physical Planning /Layouts and Site Investigation/ Planning for Terminal, Depots, Road Layout, Passenger Facility etc. to ensure smooth and safe flow of traffic.


  • Monitoring and study of Transport System by modes like buses, trams, trucks, ferries, taxis etc.


  • Advising the State Government in respect of studies conducted by other agencies, on projects relating to traffic.


  • Transport system analysis, performance analysis and preparation of comprehensive database for Transport Management.


  • Construction/Supervision of construction works funded by the Transport Department and executed by other departments (e.g. under schemes TOIP, Road safety, construction of bus/truck terminals/check posts etc.)