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Department at A Glance Image
Transport Department looks after provision of transport facilities and creation of related infrastructure on Road, Inland Water and Air within the domain of State Government.  Its activities include registration of vehicles, collection of Motor Vehicle revenue and issue of driving licenses and permits for various categories of vehicles on road. It also provides administrative and legal framework for the same.


The registration related activities are being looked after by Regional Transport Authorities (RTAs) located at the District Headquarters as well as some newly created Additional Regional Transport Offices in sub-divisional towns.  The Public Vehicles Department (PVD) in Kolkata looks after the said work within Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) area.


The 5 (five) State Transport Undertakings provide transport facilities throughout the State.  Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC) renders transport services within Kolkata and its suburban areas.  The Calcutta Tramways Company (1978) Ltd. although started its operation with tram service, have now been engaged for operation of tram as well as bus services.  South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC) looks after transport services in the districts of South and South-Western Bengal while transport facilities in the districts of North Bengal are primarily dependent on North Bengal State Transport Corporation (NBSTC).  West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation Ltd. (WBSTC) provides transport facilities in Water Transport Sector and road transport in some limited areas.


During last few years, major reforms and organizational restructuring have been undertaken.  Twenty four (24) new Motor Vehicles Offices created to cater to the needs of the people nearer to their doorsteps in an effective, decentralized manner.  Trifurcation of PVD, Kolkata (with two new units at Kasba and Salt Lake) achieved for decentralized services in Kolkata.  Further decentralization with another unit at Behala is in the offing.


Decentralization (including Delegations) of system of grant of Stage Carriage Permits and National Permits for goods carrage services achieved, further decentralization under contemplation.


With a view to boost up the public transport system, 874 new high standard AC as well as non-AC buses have been rolled out under JnNURM through the STUs viz. CSTC, NBSTC and SBSTC.


Department at A Glance Image2


Inland Water Transport has got a big boost with several new jetties constructed and several other jetties renovated and several new vessels/launches introduced.  Ferry services are increasing in number to cater to more and more regions, while luxury cruises are becoming popular in the high-end segments.


Turn-around of ailing PSU, Shalimar Works, is another break-through in the domain of Inland Water Transport in West Bengal.  Indian Navy has awarded work order for building 15 vessels/ ferry crafts and they have expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Shalimar Works.


Metro railway connectivities are receiving attention and support from State Government.  The ongoing public investments from the National Government are being supplemented by financial assistance as well as other facilitation supports from the State Government and we expect that within few years, Kolkata will have a significant amount of metro coverage density, second only to Delhi in the whole country.  Works are going on to lay more than 100 km network involving about 20000 crore.


Reforms in State Transport Undertakings required mention.  Monetization of surplus land assets, implementation of voluntary Retirement Schemes, introduction of smart governance in the form of integrated e-tickets and reduction of inefficient completion through route synergization in the STUs are some of the more important achievements.


Self-employment through transportation sector has been conceived through roll out of GATIDHARA programme whereby about 5000 unemployed young men and women got assistance @ average Rs.1 lakh to buy commercial vehicles.


With active support of Government of West Bengal, Kazi Najrul Islam airport at Durgapur has been commissioned, stabilized and become operational.  Kolkata-Durgapur-Delhi flight by Air India is the latest demonstration of this new realm of connectivity.


State Road Safety Council and District Road Safety Committees constituted to ensure coordinated action on Road Safety across the State.


Process of setting up a Transport Directorate has been initiated to bring all the Motor Vehicle Offices under one umbrella and better monitoring of the rendering of service to the general people.

Administrative Structure of Transport Department
Organizational Profile of Transport Department & its Constituent Offices